Polka Dot Shirt

I'm really into polka dots lately. Today, I'm taking the dots to the office with this green sheer shirt with navy polka dots. I paired it with my navy pencil skirt, cascading pearl necklace, and black pumps. If you have a conservative work environment, then you may want to wear small dots. However, if your workplace welcomes wardrobe creativity, then by all means, go for a bigger dot pattern. It's simple details like this that I love to play with to spice up my work wardrobe.

Happy Monday, everyone! Here's to a great week ahead :) 

Keeping it Classy,


  1. love these two pairings together!
    Xo Megan, www.TfDiaries.com

  2. I AM TOO! Love the green on you!

  3. Hi! I was recently featured on nusophisticate.com and I appreciate your comment. I wanted to come over and check out your blog and say hello. I love the shade of green and the polka dot print!


  4. Oh my gosh - I love this top on you! Where is it from? I also agree that smaller dots (just like smaller prints) are more acceptable for a conservative work environment. Great tip!
    xo - Marion



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