Hi, I'm Janell. Welcome to my blog!

I'm a 30-something year old that loves getting dressed up. I was born and raised on the beautiful island of Antigua in the Caribbean. I lived in Texas for 10 years going to school and working, and though my time in the U.S. was great, in 2014, it was time for this island girl to return home. Being around my family and childhood friends again has been wonderful, and every day is like a new adventure. My day job is that of a Finance & Accounting professional. I'm also a home-based travel agent, and I co-own a cake & candy business with my two sisters.  
I’ve always been a lover of fashion and shopping, even from an early age. I would always get overly excited from just simply talking or thinking about fashion, but I didn’t know how to channel that energy into something other than a warm fuzzy feeling inside. In 2010, I stumbled upon the world of fashion and personal style blogging, and I was instantly intrigued. I decided to start my own blog in 2011, and from there, Fashionable You was born! 
"Fashionable You" is simply saying that we can all be fashionable, even though we sometimes don't know how. Along this journey, I hope to:
  • Provide style and fashion advice for the everyday woman,
  • Create an interactive community for women to discuss fashion ideas and to seek advice from each other (men are also welcome), and
  • Share my style journey with everyone.
Let me disclose that I am not a style expert and I will never claim to be, so most posts are based on my own opinions or points of view, while some are based on style tips that I've learned over the years. To me, style should be attainable and realistic. The theme of the blog is to wear what fits your personality and lifestyle, not always focusing on the fancy, trendy, and impractical stuff.

My motto is easy, Keep It Classy, and I describe my style as Simple, Sophisticated and Classy. Everything we do in life should be done with style and class!

Thank you for visiting my little corner on the internet. Now let our style journey begin!






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